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On the ground

I finally got my first horse about two years ago, she hadn't been disciplined for about a year, and thought that she could get away with anything. My mom also got a horse. We did a lot of arena work the first few weeks, and decided that they were ready to go out on the trails. Behind the ranch there are many small winding paths that horses, walkers, and bikers use. When we first got out, two downhill bikers were racing down the path towards us. Our horses bolted, but luckily we were able to stay on, and rein them in. Figuring it was probably a bad idea to continue down that path, we decided to take a side trail.

On a blind turn an old man and his small terrier surprised my mom's horse, who was in the lead. Him and my mare took off towards home. I was wearing the Legacy Riding Helmet and am thankful because I hit my head hard on the ground. However, not only did I fall off, but I fell off in front of my mom's horse. I was in the path and could watch as he was running towards me. Luckily, he jumped over me and continued on towards the barn.

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