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I decided on a cold day in November to take my horse Fancy for a nice ride in the our dressage ring and work on some of our dressage movements that we had been practicing for an upcoming show. The ground was a little hard but not too the extent where I knew I couldn't ride. Needless to say Fancy decided she wasn't going to corporate when asking for a particular movement, because she disliked winter just as much as I.

Well, she spooked of course over a branch falling that I later found out post accident. She went one way and I the other. I hit the ground splitting my certified helmet from the bottom to the top of my head. I was unaware about what had happened and came to find out later that I passed out three times. I was so concerned about Fancy thinking her running around the ring she was either going to hurt or break my tack. Thankfully, even though Fancy had pulled the reins over her head and stuck her head between them, she stopped. I have never seen such a smart horse as her, because most horses I have dealt with or ridden generally, break the tack or flip over. By the time help had come she was shaking and so freaked out that all I could do was calm her down. I had no idea that I had passed out or had a terrible concussion until my friend saw my helmet and called my family which came to pick me up to transport me to the hospital.

Once, I arrived at the hospital, I had many scans done and the on-call neurologist had determined I needed to start regularly seeing a neurologist for the bruising on my brain. A few days later my now current neurologist placed me on a medication to help reduce the swelling in my brain, help regain my memory, and reduce the amount of migraines I receive to this day. She also informed me that I was not able to ride or drive for 8 months. I was crushed and my family forced me to stay positive during this time of absence from riding by reminding me that I am alive currently due to my helmet.

Therefore, I do agree I may not be alive today if my helmet hadn't saved my life or if I hadn't been wearing one at all. Accidents happen and we try to move on, but some change our life's forever. I know mine surely did and I to this day always wear my helmet and encourage everyone I know to wear one. For, not wearing your helmet can be life changing.

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