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Troxel Saved My Life

This was the first one of the girls weekend out ever. So everyone was very excited to say the least. First time for all of us to be together, first time to LBJ Grass Lands for all of us, first time for all our horses to be together at the same time, well minus one.  

Let me start at the begining. The morning of Oct 6th,2012 was supose to be a very happy one. The first trip that girls weekend out. My girlfriend send me a text, said "I can not speak" "Temp is 101.9" "Have fun without me". So that was the first bad news. When I got to the second girlfriends house to load up her horse, and tell her, sorry one can't make it no need to load the other horse, it was too late, loaded, packed and pulled out of the pasture. So I said its fine I will go ahead and ride hers,sSecond bad news, when we got ready to hit the trail once all of us arrived, that is when it happened. The Mare blew up, bucked like a rodeo bronc! 5 bucks later I hit the ground.

I was told the noise was like a shot gun going off when my Troxel Legacy GPS II hit the ground with my head. It spilt like a watermelon, from the back of the base of my neck to the crown. Right in half. I am hear today because this helmet saved my life.

Thank you can not tell you how much it means to me and my family that I had purchased this product, and promised my husband I would never ride without it. The person taking me for my CAT Scan said without it, we would not be having this conversation. So thank you very much for saving my life. So if your Monday ever becomes mundane, please remember to share with your staff they saved my life. I still have this helmet, if you need to ever see it.

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