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A change of heart (and mind)

Here I am, a self-professed helmet-hater. They’re hot; they mess up my hair; I don’t need one; I’m just trail riding. These are all things excuses that I’ve given as to why I just do not want to wear a helmet, and when I was younger, and kept my horse on the family farm, I frequently rode without. It never bothered me. I’d fallen off before, usually just rolled off the side or over a shoulder, and got back up, dusted off, and climbed back aboard whatever silly horse had dumped me. No big deal. Until last week.

I had decided to go riding, and having difficulty getting my mare to stand at the mounting block, led her back into the barn to use a bench in the aisle, instead, since she will stand quietly there. Well, as I swung my leg over, I caught the edge of the cross tie with my foot, and whacked my poor pony on the butt with the snap. She, of course, bolted down the aisle, with me only halfway on. I managed to hang on for about 2 strides, until the saddle also slipped, and I rolled off the side. I landed directly on the back of my head. I remember a flash of light, then black, and when I was aware again, the barn owner was leading my mare back down the aisle.

Thankfully, barn rules require the use of helmets at all times while riding, and I had been wearing mine. It cracked directly down the back on the outside, and has a small crack on the inside as well. I sustained a concussion, and have spent the last week healing from that, but thanks to my helmet, I’ll be back to riding in a few weeks.

This is one woman who will NEVER even consider riding without my helmet again.

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