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Just doing Dressage

About a month ago I was riding in my back yard just schooling dressage on my mare. I did not realize that the grass wet resulting in my horse slipping and rolling on me. I got a concussion even though I was conscious I don’t remember anything until after I got to the hospital, I could not even remember how much hay to give my mare.

Thankfully (because I was wearing a helmet) I did not crack my skull or have anything worse than a concussion. Thanks to my helmet I was back on my mare two weeks later. I encourage every one that I know to wear a helmet whenever they are mounted! It doesn’t matter if you are “just “ doing dressage or going on a trial ride, even if you are riding a bombproof horse. I was “just” riding dressage and my horse did not do any thing naughty. I hate to think what might have happen if I hadn’t been wearing a helmet. Recently a friend said that she still wears a helmet on her green horse, but she doesn’t feel like she is going to die riding. I told her I didn’t feel like I was going to die the day my horse fell, but I was sure glad I was wearing a helmet! P.S. Also check to make sure your footing is good.

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