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Wind Spook

About 6 Aprils ago I decided take my appy gelding Pepper out for a trail ride. He was recovering from a bout of uveitis and it was our first ride in while. April in New England is windy and that day was no exception. We headed down the road to pickup the trails and just as we were passing a mail box the wind picked up. Pepper leaped into a canter and started to buck. Off I went into a heap on the road. A guy in a truck saw the accident and pulled over. Stood tried to stand to get back on Pepper, who now was calmly grazing near me. Couldn't get up. My ankle was broken in three places. The drive had called the ambulance and there I was sitting in the road with all the lights flashing and my appy grazing as if nothing happened.

I took my Troxel Spirit off- it was cracked from the top all the way back. The driver claims I was out for a minute but I wasn't. I remember laying still while I took stock of where I hurt. I believe if I had not had the helmet on, I would have had a serious head injury. Or worse. I lost my appy to uveitis a year after that accident. I now ride my sorrel grade gelding in the Troxel Venture. We do judged rides, versatility, clinics and hack out everywhere.,. It's the most comfortable helmet I have ever owned. And it's stylish- the black and brown goes with everything and is a touch western.

Thank heaven I had a helmet on that windy April day.

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