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I don't remember

When I was 13 years old I was learning how to jump on my trainers welsh cob, Banjo. Everything was going fine till I realized my stirrup was not on right, so I bent down to fix it when the lady behind me thought that Banjo was being stubborn and tried to help my whacking him on the butt with her whip. Needless to say Banjo took off like a rocket and went right over the jump, I on the other hand stayed on till right after he cleared the jump and was shot off him, My grandmother said I had to of gotten 10 feet into the air before I did a back flip and landed on my head, which split the helmet in half. I don't remember much just that I went really fast then felt nothing before the ground hurt me.

If I had a troxel helmet on I don't think it would of split apart. I did get back on but had forgotten what I was doing and I can laugh now cause I remember not know how to say "horse"


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