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Even in Dressage...

Have you ever been told "Direct your horse's attention to something else if he gets scared of something?" Well, in this case it was "He got scared of something because he was too focused." You see, it was a typical dressage lesson. Cantering, and I was really getting him to round and we were both very concentrated and working hard. So when we cantered down the back wall and past the open back gate of the indoor arena, apparently another rider was leading her horse. Honestly I don't know what happened. All I remember was just a leap to the side and being suspended in mid-air.

The majority of the above was refreshed to me by my mother who was watching. It was spooky, she told me that for a moment she thought I was paralyzed, for when I hit the ground I was stone still. I must've blacked out, for I remember my trainer and my mom being by my side without knowing how they got there. And my trainer was telling me to move my toes. I remember trying with all of my semi-conscious might. Apparently I said that I had, but I do not recall. According to my mom my right hand was also making weird movements, kind of flopping around. I am a fighter, and wanted to get back on that horse as soon as possible. So I tried to sit up. But of course I was told to lie back down. Then I got up and eventually got back on. And wanted to canter again. Yeah, you could say I was dazed. By command of my trainer I just walked him. All of this while wearing my Troxel helmet.

Who knows where I would be if I had not been wearing it. I am pleased to say that I am perfectly fine. Only because of my helmet. It is terribly sad, all of those riders who think that they and their horses are bomb-proof. And that it will never happen to them. They think that you "earn your top hat" in dressage. I say either "earn your top hat" or "preserve your riding career and life." How hard is it to strap one on?

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