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Deana's Story

Deana Williams is a 43 year old wife and mother of 2 sons and step mother of 2 girls. She lives in Boone, IA. She was practically born on horseback and spends every free moment she can riding! May 20th 2012 Deana attended a local jackpot in Runnells, IA. She was the 2nd horse out in the open. As she set up to turn the first barrel, her horse went down on the front end, fell sideways, and rolled over top of Deana. Deana at that point was unconscious but breathing. She was air lifted to Mercy Hospital in Des Moines, IA. She was admitted into the Trauma ICU at Mercy and remained in a coma for 11 days.

It was discovered Deana had what was called a Shearing Injury to her brain and 3 fractured ribs. When she woke up it was clear that she remembered quite a bit but was having limited mobility on her right side. After she progressed enough to have the ventilator and feeding tube removed Deana was moved to a facility in Ankeny, IA called On With Life On July 3rd 2012. It is a rehab facility for people that suffer from Traumatic Brain Injuries. Deana has been at On With Life ever since. I do not know how long she will have to be there but she is progressing very quickly! Her memory is coming back, she is up and moving, and we are starting to catch glimpses of the old Deana! She is such a wonderful person and was so full of life before her accident!

There is no future prognosis on Deana at this time. The doctor’s say it is now up to her and how far along her will can take her. Since Deana’s accident several of her friends and family members have now started wearing helmets. I did not step on my horses back again until my daughter and I had one! I will never get on a horse again without it! So many people think that helmets are not cool or they don’t want to appear “afraid” if they wear a helmet but the statistics don’t lie! Your odds are so much better if you get a helmet!

We seem to forget that these are still animals, and that accidents can and will happen! I just hope more people take the initiative and wear a helmet! Don’t wait for yourself, or someone you know to become severely injured before you decide to get one!


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