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I went to our favorite beach to ride and noticed things looked different. Little did I know a hurricane was coming up our coastline that day. The tide was extra high and the waves fast and wild. Not much beach was left to ride on. My daughter and I started down the beach.

When we reached our turn around spot where there are large flat rocks- dangerous to ride on - we could not see the rocks only sand. We started to gallop when my mare caught both front feet under a large rock hidden in the sand. She hit the sand so hard her nose bled and she wandered in circles dazed. I flew over her head and landed head first in the hard wet sand. Ouch! I suffered a split lip, black eye, and sore wrist.

Thanks to my Troxel helmet no head injury and was able to get back on and enjoy what was left of my ride back. We never ride without a helmet even at home in the round pen. I have now convinced many of my friends to buy and wear a helmet- many are 50 plus years old. No one gets on my horse with out one.



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