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Ponies, cute but deadly

One afternoon I was riding a halflinger pony bareback around the farm. He is one of those in your pocket ponies who seems like he could never do no harm. Wel,l we had stopped for a minute to talk to some one when out of no where he bolted.

He hadn't spooked or anything, he just decided he was done for the day I guess? Well he galloped down the gravel drive way straight for the fence. I some how managed to stay on for the galloping but as I saw the fence coming up I knew some thing had to be done how ever before I could react the pony shoved his nose to the ground and sent a buck out over his withers.

I flipped head first over his neck and landed head first in the large gravel where I then rolled multiple times. I ended up being able to stand up and walk but as I looked over my self at all the scrapes, bruises, and imbedded rocks I found my toxel sport helmet took it harder then I had. If I hadn't been wearing that helmet I would have been dead or at the least very close. I was originally leery of the sport because of it's great price but now after seeing it broken instead of my head it was the greatest $30 I've ever spent. Thanks Troxel for making life saving helmets at a price every rider can afford.

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