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I wouldn't be alive today if it wern't for my Troxel Helmet.

It was my first show all by myself without my instructor. I had been riding for 12 years at the time and finally decided to just go and have some fun. I had cleaned house all day and I was so excited and proud to show my instructor how well I had done.

It had rained during the show but cleared up that afternoon. It was the last class of the whole day, I was the last rider & it was the LAST JUMP of the entire day! From what I was told my horses front hooves slid in the mud and he flipped over head first subsequently landing on top of me.

They said I stood up for a split second and immediately collapsed. The entire right side of my helmet had been shattered. I sustained a concussion, fractured cheekbone and major road-rash to the right side of my face. My right eyelid "droops" but I figure that I'd rather have a "droopy" eye lid and small scars than be in a less than favorable situation such as vegetative state or death.

I don't remember that day, but I am forever grateful that Troxel made such a durable helmet!! It saved my life!! Thank you!!

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