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One half + One half = One amazing Helmet!!!

I was training a horse that was new to our barn, and decided to take her out on the trails with a group of other riders for her first trail ride. She was doing well, until the person in front of us grabbed a branch that was in their way, and then let it go after they rode past it, hitting the horse I was riding in the face. It happened so fast, I didn't have time to react.

She reared up so quickly and with so much force, her head connected with mine, knocking both contact lenses out of my eyes, and smashing the front of my helmet. The force to my head was so extreme, that I ended up in a pile on the ground, not remembering anything after seeing her head come towards mine. I looked like someone had given me two black eyes (as well as the discoloration covering the rest of my face).

Within minutes my eyes were so swollen I could not open either of them. It took over a week before the swelling had gone down enough to be able to open my eyes and see again. I was a solid bruise from my lower cheeks to my forehead for over 3 weeks (it actually looked like I had painted my face black), and it took a good part of the summer for all of the bruising to actually go away.

We saved the helmet from that day, and it was when I was finally able to see again, that I saw how lucky I truly was. The visor had been broken off (leaving rigid edges from what was left of it), and the helmet itself had actually split into two pieces, from the force of her head, and the impact of the fall. I have no doubts that I am here today because I took the time to put that helmet on before I left for that trail ride that day... The ER doctors said the same thing. I've had plenty of falls throughout my lifetime, but none as serious as the one from that day.

My Troxel Legacy Helmet did exactly what it was suppose to do. Am I sad that I had to buy a new one? What horse person isn't upset when they have to spend their money on something for themselves, instead of their horses? But my Troxel helmet protected me from an unexpected accident, and allowed me to be here today to talk about it. Thank you Troxel for helping to save my life, I wouldn't be here today without you.

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