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We were Doing so Good

I was riding an adorable pinto pony, about 14.2 hands. He was a lesson pony with a passion for jumping - he had competed at 3'3'' and schooled around 4 foot - but he had a lot of 'Pony' in him. In other words, he could be very bratty. He and I had been in an local show, competed in two flat classes, a Hunter Hack and a Hunter Over Fences. We took home two seconds and two firsts, along with a champion gift basket.

We were doing simple cross-rails in the Hunter Over Fences, because it was my first time riding him in a show, after riding him for only three weeks. We were in the indoor arena in February and jumping 2'3 and 2'3 spreads and oxars. We were doing great, and I got too forward in my seat going over the jump. He landed and I was unbalanced, and I thought I could catch myself. He stumbled on his front legs, and I went over his head, landing on my back.

Immediately I began to cry, a sharp pain prevented my whole right side of my body to move. It started in my tailbone - a previous injury - to my shoulders and back. I slowly noticed the pain was from my hip all the way down my leg. My instructor asked me questions to check for a concussion and did normal precautions. She asked if I wanted an ambulance, but my dad was off work in 10 minutes, and he worked just down the road from the barn. My mom wasn't at the barn at the time, and I didn't want to call her and worry her. My instructor joked about how she wanted to call an ambulance for my comfort, and so I could be the first one ever at the barn. That immediately turn me away from getting one. While laying on the ground, covered in a cooler, I looked up at Blade, seeing his sad eyes looking at me, it made me want to fight the injury and finish the course, but I knew it was impossible.

My dad showed up and I got to the hospital, and any corners we took that moved my leg out of a comfortable place made me cry. Sitting in the hospital for 3 hours, I had pinched my sciatic nerve. I landed on my pelvis and it pinched the nerve. The sciatic nerve is a main nerve that goes through the length of your leg. It was a pain to deal with, and the doctor advised no crutches to prevent and more damage. I am walking and riding fine now, and jumping again, sadly, not on the same horse. I would though, if he wasn't being ridden by another person who is horseless at the moment. I'll get my chance soon enough.

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