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America's Favorite Trail Horse? We hope so!

While preparing for the ACTHA America's Favorite Trail Horse Competition, Legendary Lady (#259) and I had a rather BAD experience. I forgot to recheck my girth before mounting a few days before the competition try-outs. After the saddle slid completely under Lady's belly and I ended up bareback on a galloping horse, I fell and Lady fell, too.

I don't remember much of the fall but my husband does. He heard the CRACK when my helmet hit the ground. Thank God I had it on. The piece missing from the back of the helmet could have been missing from my skull. I did get a minor concussion, but no serious long term problems. Lady was OK but seriously saddle shy for a few days. She knew now that you COULD be attacked by a saddle.

Thanks to a great helmet and a great horse, we made it to the finals in TX. We will be on Episode 7 of the competition and I will be wearing my "other" Troxel helmet. I won't be riding without one ever again.

  • September 26, 2011