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A Lesson for my Daughter

Moms don't fall. At least thats what my then 6 yr old thought. She had seen me school numerous green horses, fly fearlessly around a cross country course, accurately perform more dressage tests than I can count and blaze the most difficult trails. Helmets have always been a part of riding and it was imprinted since she started at the age of 2.

Earlier this year we all went for a trail ride, I being on my husbands green horse since it was her first ride away from home. What was an easy creek crossing turned into a grand prix jump. My husband & daughter went first. My horse followed and from a walk she leaped through the air to clear it. I had no warning, no indication she was gonna do that. After she landed I was caught off balance and landed flat on my back with a swift impact to my head.

After regrouping and assuring my daughter that I was okay (she was freaking out!), I noticed the GPS III on my Troxel Sierra was broken. I think the fact that my favorite helmet was no longer useable hurt more than the fall! My daughter learned an important lesson that day; even good riders fall, and it happened on a calm horse that did something unexpected. I had a headache for a few days and a sore neck. So glad I insist on helmets, I may not be here today if I didn't!


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