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Using My head...

It was a gorgeous day and my Uncle, Cousin, Aunt and I were out riding our amazing horses. At the time I owned a rather clumsy TWH. So we were just walking along, minding our own business when BAM! My horse, Clyde (named because he had the EXACT same markings as a clydsdale) fell to the ground.

I stayed in the saddle but since he tripped on his front end he kinda fell down on his head and neck, launching my head right into a rock. I, being the (not so) smart person I am, stick my arm out, somehow expecting it to catch both me and the horse. That plan failed...epicly. I lost conciousness for about 10 seconds during the ordeal, I promptly awoke and hurried to check if someone had caught my beloved Clyde. They had, meanwhile my forehead and wrist began swelling. I had some minor scrapes on my head and I was pretty sure my wrist was broken. But regardless, I got right back on my horse and rode all 5 miles back to the trailer where we quickly loaded the horses and headed for home.

We contacted my aunt who is a nurse and she said that as long as I didnt have a headache I was fine. We splinted my wrist and wrapped it good and tight. Needless to say this inspired me to start wearing a helmet. And I had a great story for school the next day!

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