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Head meets tree - the story of a Troxel Helmet

A friend asked me to ride her horse for her as she had a back injury and was unable to ride for quite some time. She told me not to take him into a canter because he may buck. I took him out on the trail and we were enjoying each other’s company and the great outdoors. We came upon a hill and I decided to put him into the next gear, I asked him to trot up a hill. We started to trot when he decided that he wanted to begin bucking.

Thinking I could control him, I was just trying to ride out the bucks and bring him back in. He bucked several times, at least five or six, and threw me head first into a tree. I awoke several minutes later having no recollection of where I was or what I was doing.

It was hard just staying awake and trying to stand up was a feat in itself. I was very groggy, but started trying to collect myself and trying to remember where I was and what I was doing. I tried to get my bearings and began my journey of trying to get myself out of the woods. I could not find my cell phone anywhere. I know I had it on me, but for the life of me, I could not find it. I assumed it was in the foliage somewhere. I found it hard to focus on anything with my eyes for too long and looking for my phone seemed to be causing me more harm than good. I decided on a direction that seemed to head out of the woods and began walking.

I came upon a house and hoped with everything I had that someone would be home and someone would be able to help me. I knocked on the door and a kind looking woman answered. I tried to make myself sound as coherent as possible and tried to remember my husband's phone number. I explained to her what had happened and that I was involved in an accident and had no way to contact anyone. She kindly and worriedly called my husband and explained that he needed to come get me. He rushed out of the house and came to get me. He helped me to find my cell phone and we went back to the barn to find my friend's horse there. My husband explained what had happened, as talking was more than difficult for me to do because of the injury to my head. I told him I thought it best to get me to a hospital.

They kept me there several hours and performed multiple tests. They confirmed a serious concussion and sent me home with orders for bed rest. It took me several days to get better and I still have not completely shaken the incident from my memory. But when I went back to the barn to talk to my friend about the accident and the fact that a trot, not just a canter put her horse into a bucking spree, she told me that I needed to replace the reins that had been broken on her bridle. Not a mention of apologies or inquiries as to my well-being. Just make sure you replace my reins, she told me. I never thought I would meet a horse that I didn't care for, but I could tell that he took after his owner. It took me some time to think about inspecting my helmet. The thought had just never occurred to me. When I did, I noticed a large crack in the visor and multiple dents and scratches in the front and top portions of it.

Needless to say, helping my friend out by riding her horse cost me my confidence, a hospital health insurance deductible, a new set of reins and my pretty pink Troxel Legacy helmet. Was it worth it, no…?

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