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Bad Ending to a Good Lesson

I was taking a lesson on my National Show Horse in preparation for an upcoming show. We were doing great and were just finishing our lesson. My instructor had me cantering my horse on a long line with no reins. We were doing well and I was finally getting a much better sense of timing and balance. I was thrilled.

All of a sudden my saddle slipped to the right side of my horse and it happened so fast all I could think was, " I am going down." Which of course I did. I had just tightened the cinch a few moments before but something must have been wrong. I fell on my right side and slammed my head into the sand in the arena. I got up pretty shaken and my head hurt like crazy. I took off my Troxel helmet and it was dented and chipped! I went to the emergency room for a check on my head.

I sustained a very mild concussion but the attending physician told me that if I had not been wearing the helmet I would have been in deep deep trouble. I am so glad that I stick to my own rule about wearing a helmet 100% of the time, even when I am just sitting on my horse doing nothing. I won't be riding in the upcoming show but at least I will be able to try again another day! Thanks for the helmet that saved me from a traumatic injury or worse.

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