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When I was 4 my mom and I went to go get cow that got out. I was riding my new horse Olie, and my mom asked me if I wanted to lope. I said yes. Turns out that Olie was a show horse and dident go faster than a trot,this is great for begeners but not for advance people like me. Olie then proced buck. When Olie bucked I got hungup in my rain. After a few minuts I got out. At first I though it was like any other time I came off... I was roung.

My mom came over to me after she chought my horse,and told me my arm was brok! Then she turend my cowgirl shirt into a sling. We had to ride 3 miles intill our friend Rouger could meet us with his car and trade us for the two horses. When we got to the hospitle the docter said my arm was broken in 3 differnt spots. The docter also said it was a good thing I was wearing my Troxel helement or there was a 99% chance I would have suffered siveer brain dameg. That was 7 years ago,and now I'm healthy and happy.

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