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How do you break an elbow?

"He will be fine". This is my own redneck line like"Hey ya'll watch this!". One of those lines that almost bleed ominious doom.

Sarah unhooked Zon's line and we were riding free in the arena. About the third lap in our small circle Zon came unglued and I became air born. Looking back on that moment I believe my thoughts were; 1) Holy s*@t!. 2) Thank goodness I have my helmet on. 3) How am I suppose to land this? Seems like alot of thoughts to run through ones brain within a millisecond...that is evidence that women can multitask!

Back to the story... I landed on the hard packed earth face down. The impact was absurbed by two things, my left arm and my head, well face to be exact. I rolled over and started doing the 'systems check'. Feet move? check! legs in normal position? check! 'Systems Check went good until I got to my arms then later head. The left arm would not work. My brain was saying MOVE!, but the arm just layed there...stupid lazy arm!

Next I started to notice the taste in my mouth. Yup, it was blood. I had bit a chunk out of my lip and my chin was covered in blood and ground in rock. Slowly I got up and tried to shake it off but the lazy left arm continued to be disobediant, so I walked down the hill and drove myself to the hospital miles away. Only later as I found out I needed emergency surgery to fix my shattered forearm and elbow did I really think about how bad this accident could of been. If I didn't have a helmet on I prabably would of suffered severe head trama and if I didn't have a visor on this helmet then I would of shattered my face as well as my arm.

Even though I did have bad trauma and I will loose some mobility or the arm, I know I'm lucky because I was wearing my Troxel. Zon is a handsomly strong 4yo BLM Mustang gelding from southeast Oregon. My friend Sarah is his human. She had Zon shipped here to West Virginia about 9 months ago. Maybe 3 months previous I started helping Sarah with her horse.

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