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Just Before the Fall

On Saturday Feb. 26 while trail riding my horse fell with me. I have worn a helment for over 12 years and thank goodness I have. This was not my first fall and I am sure it will not be the last.

The helment was a little muddy, not sure if my head hit just the ground or the fallen small tree behind us BUT was so glad I always wear one. Gina also wears her helment, always. We don't worry about the looks we get because if our horses fall or we take a spill at least our head is protected. Helmets are not just for the young but for eveyone. I am 45 and hope to be riding when I am 95 and I will still be wearing a helment.

Below is an account of what happen that day and the letter that was sent to the State Park for the Great job that Ranger Jason did in helping us that day. Gina and Jason our my Heros along with Micky and Amanda that also were there to help. But also because of my Troxel Hement I am here to tell of that day and will always wear one. Thank You

Saturday we were riding on a horse trail in Panther Creek State Park and had been on the trail for about two hours when my horse fell. Prince, the horse I was riding, fell with me. He got one of his back shoes caught in something, we think some kind of vine, and fell over backwards with me. I was not riding alone thank goodness. My left leg was trapped under him and I was unable to get out. With the effort of the lady I was riding with, me pulling as hard as I could and God’s help I was able to get loose. Prince’s legs were going uphill and could not get up. I just happen to put my cell phone in my pocket and Gina called 911 and moments later the Ranger on duty called us back to see how he could help. We ask for him to bring rope to assist in getting Prince up and that I was ok. Ranger Jason (did not catch his last name) said he was on his way and ask about where we were at. About 15-20 minutes latter Prince could finally get up and we called the Ranger back to let him know that we would not need the ropes. We had no idea how far back we were until we started walking out and meet up with the Ranger.

His first words were are you ok and he wanted to know what he could do to help. I just wanted to get out of there, I was scared and did not know if my horse was even able to get up but he did-Thank You God. Jason was GREAT he lead us out took my trailer keys back to where we parked, where someone was waiting, and showed them where we were. He blocked traffic until we could get our horses loaded, and made sure we got turned around and pointed us into the right direction. He was wonderful and a great help. Please let him know how much he was appreciated and I was so glad to see him coming our way. Not sure if I’ll go trail riding at Panther Creek with my horse but next time may just go on the walking trails.

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