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Freak Accident

I fell off a horse a few weeks ago, it was cold, and windy. I was trotting, and the saddle was really old, it had never been oiled..but..it wasn't my saddle, it was the lady's I ride with. I put most of my weight on one side, to balance out the saddle, because I tend to...... lean to my right a little, because I'm right side dominant..it was a big old western saddle..and it was cold, the leather was old..so I guess..when I shifted my weight..it was too much strain.

The entire stirrup panel ripped off, I landed flat on my back, then my head hit the ground, really hard..i somersaulted backwards twice..then landed back on my back. I cracked my helmet all the way through, I broke the stabilization system almost all the way off, there's a crack big enough I can stick my pinky through it.

So, to put it short, old saddle = tack malfunction = hard ground = me hitting hard ground at a fast trot. I had mounted and dismounted...Alot that day too, cause I rode Tino [eight year old paint mare, I tend to favor her, she's my baby,] for over an hour, and then switched..and I guess, I just.. weakened it that much more. I ending up breaking my tailbone.

I was lucky..my helmet saved my life.

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