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My Helmet Saved Me

About a week ago I came off my 4 year old gelding while teaching him to canter.  I lost my balance when he tripped going down on his front legs in order to catch his balance.  My feet were not in the stirrups and I fell off my horse, landing on my hip and forehead; nose and mouth in the dirt!  I have a swollen, bruised nose, and a black eye. 

Without my helmet, I don’t know what kind of damage I would have suffered.  I know I hit hard.  My nose bled for 8 hours on and off.  As for my forehead, I have a bruise indicating where the helmet had protected me.  I am so thankful that I didn’t back down for buying a helmet, when my friends were laughing at me for riding with one.  I never gave them a thought, and I hope others don’t care what their “friends” think either.

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