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Parents: Please make sure your children wear helmets when riding!

This letter is in reference to an accident that our 11 year old granddaughter, Jordan Flanigan incurred while riding her horse on October 21st.  Jordan was wearing her Troxel helmet, which we have made a requirement while she was on her horse.  We are uncertain of exactly how the accident actually happened.  She was at the barn preparing for her lesson.  Jordan is experienced in horse riding, so you can imagine how upset we were when she was suddenly thrown from her horse.  When we found her she was unconscious on the ground.  We called 911 and after they arrived, they called for the helicopter as she had to be airlifted to LeBonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN where she remained unconscious and was listed critical in ICU.  She regained consciousness after 2 days and remained in hospital for one week; her progress has been a miracle.  She has short term memory loss but continues to improve and the doctors expect 100% recovery.  The doctors told us that if Jordan had not been wearing her helmet, she would not be with us today.

Jordan with her horse.

This is our first and hopefully our last experience of this nature, but Jordan loves her horse and understands the importance of wearing her helmet every time she rides a horse.  This has brought a new awareness to all our equine community and has spurred our riders to wear their helmets when riding.  Thank you for all your assistance and we hope this will encourage all horse riders to use good judgment and wear a Troxel!

To read more about the story and how you can help read more on TheMid-SouthHorseReview.com

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