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Macho Husband and then Smart Husband

When we first started riding my husband refused to wear a helmet. He felt western riders only wore cowboy hats. Well, we were riding around our neighborhood and he was trotting when his stirrup broke and he fell off into the street. It was the most awful thing I have every seen.

I saw him fall, roll and lay still. I jumped off my horse tied her to a fence while also watching his horse run back and forth around him. I was so afraid his horse would step on him. He was unconscious for a while and the neighbor who was near called the paramedics. He wanted to sit up but we made him stay still till the ambulance arrived.

He was taken to the emergency room and then to ICU for a concussion. Luckily he was fine, had a headache for several weeks and lost his sense of smell. After that he has worn a helmet every time he goes riding. We both have had several Troxel helmets. I fell also from my bucking horse but since I had my helmet on I was okay with only a slight headache for a few days. I will not ride without my Troxel helmet ever!

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