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Landed on the back of my head onto pavement

I headed out on the trails in my brand-new saddle. While crossing the paved road to get to a trail on the other side, I noticed the saddle was a little crooked. I put some weight in one stirrup to straighten it until I got off the road and could tighten up the cinch. Well, the slippery nylon totally gave way, and my horse bolted as he felt the saddle coming right off...I fell onto the back of my head onto the pavement, and then as if in slow motion, my lower back slammed down.

My head was totally fine; I could hardly believe it... I dragged myself off the road and in great pain made my way back to the barn. It took many weeks for my back to heal, but my head and neck never even bothered me.

Needless to say, there is a mushy spot on the back of my helmet! I'm amazed by the shock absorption that helmet provided, and cannot say enough about how impressed I am with it!

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