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I'm here today because I was wearing a Troxel helmet

On a beautiful spring day my daughter and I took our horses to a popular riding trail. We were 15 min into our ride when two young boys jumped off a rock on the hillside to our left . The jumping boys started a small rock slide and spooked my horse. The horse spun and bolted. I lost my footing in the right stirrup and that is the last thing I remeber.

When the paramedics arrived they told my daughter that the helmet made the difference in the outcome of my injuries. I suffered a serious broken ankle, a concussion, a badly bruised hand and shoulder. The visor of my helmet had puncture marks from the rocks and the inside plastic strap that enables you to adjust the fit was ripped out of the inside.

I am here today (5 days later) being able to write this because I was wearing a Troxel helmet. One of the first things I will do when I am up and around is go to my local tack store and purchase another Troxel. Thank you for a durable product that can truely withstand the brunt of a heavy blow.


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