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Galloping Down the Highway

I never really knew why helmets were so important during riding. But I wore one anyways just in case. It all started on a nice chilly day , my brother, cousin, friend, and I all went out on a trail. But to get to that trail you had to ride beside the road. I was nervous but I did it before so what was there to worry about? We got the horses tacked up and we were on our way. With me, the last person, I knew I would see anything wrong , or anything that would spook the horses. But I didn't see the one thing that makes all horses scared: THE WOODS.

Anything could be in there. Charlie(horse) spooked then Elliot(horse) turned to run but Zip(horse)was there and when he turned around to run there was me and my horse. My brother jumped off when his horse started to canter, my horse took off I held on and I half halted but he didn't stop. I looked to my left and see my cousin on her horse in the middle of the road. I freaked out. Her horse went back into the grass and she fell.

Then I got my horse to stop but when the other horses zoomed by him there he went AGAIN. I tried to jump off but my foot got caught in the stirrup so I stayed on. Not knowing what was going to happen next. I got so tired I couldn't hold on anymore. Then thats when I fell off.

I held on the longest half of the trail I stayed on. My ankle hurt so bad! I couldn't move. My horse trainer was worried when she saw a barn worker running up to her house and horses with no riders running up to the barn. She drove out to where I was. Her and my cousin took off my boot to see that my ankle was swollen like a baseball. I couldn't walk so they carried me to the back of the truck and set me in there. I went back to the barn got ice and went to the ER when I came out I had a fractured growth plate in my ankle, and I had a bad headache from the hit of the ground.

If I wasn't wearing my helmet who knows what would of happened. They said if I wasn't wearing my boots i would of shattered my ankle. But when I had my cast on I rode my horse and I still am now!!

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