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Second Barrel Disaster

While running my horse through the barrel pattern at a barrel race in Unadilla, GA. my horse was running to the second barrel and then he tripped. When he tripped, he fell end-over-end on me and piledrived me into the ground.

After falling on top of me, he tried to get up and everytime he tried to get up off of the ground, he kept stepping on my head. He ended up stepping on my helmet over 8 times and then drug me all the way to the third barrel. When I woke up there was a crowd around me trying to see if I was going to be alright, then i heard the ambulance pull in.

I escaped this disaster with just injuries to the ribs, tongue, hip, ankle, arm, shoulder, and knee. I have no doubt in my mind that without having on my helmet, I would have serious injuries to the head, or perhaps even die from the violent blows to the head. I thank God everyday for letting me be here to talk about it, and I also thank Troxel Helmets for them being there to save my life.

  • March 02, 2010