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I'm NEVER riding Helmet-less

I have a troxel Legacy Gold Duratec helmet that I bought about 2 years ago. I can't say enough how happy I am that I ride with a helmet; 2 or 3 times I've fallen off my mare while riding bareback. Recently, we were trotting downhill when she slipped, I lost my balance, and fell HARD. There was a dent in the ground from where my helmet hit it. I'm glad my head wasn't what made the dent! Needless to say, I need to replace my helmet. I find no problem wearing my helmet every time I ride; whether on the trail, in the barnyard, in a pleasure class, or barrel racing, because I know that just one fall without one could change everything and make me wish I'd just worn one. Thank you Troxel for reliable, safe helmets!

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