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Is the horse broke or are the people selling him broke?

Have had horses for many years...now my favorite and oldest has Cushings...so believing I needed another horse for days he did not feel well enough to ride I purchased a bomb-proof reining horse. On the 5th ride, I brought him out of a tear drop turn and found myself in the ride for my life.

The bucking broncos in his family tree would have been proud..after holding on through brutal bucking and being thrown to the earth on my neck and head I asked my husband if I had made it to the bell...He was not amused. The horse who has since done the same thing to a trainer went back to the owner who it turns out really was the one "broke" and would have said anything to make a little money and sell the horse. I have gone back to the older horse and started to use a helmet.

To ease my thoughts of looking stupid I got a hat with a western rim. I do not wish that pain and permanent injury on anyone and hope this story inspires all to use some type of helmet.

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