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I am grateful to be alive to see my little girl grow up!

Four weeks ago, I was working with a client's horse who has a history of bad behavior. Two and a half hours in to a calm and wonderful ride, another horse cut him off and he reared straight up. I thought he was going to come over on top of me. I fell and he stomped me pretty good while I was on the ground. At the hospital, I found out that I had three broken vertebrae and a hoof shaped bruise on my temple. I wondered how it had happened since I had been wearing my helmet. Until I saw the helmet. He had stomped my head so hard that the helmet was squashed on one side. There is no doubt in my mind that I would be dead today without my Troxel helmet. I did not keep my receipt or turn in my card, it doesn't matter. What I have is better than a new helmet which of course I will buy. I have a future with my daughter. Thank You.

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