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I didn't keep my receipt & cannot participate in helmet replacement program, but I am still to thankful for my Troxel helmets! I often debate whether to wear a helmet. But, I always do, because of the 'Little Voice' in my head that tells me, "WEAR THE HELMET, it is not uncomfortable and you never know...". Yesterday, I took an expected (aren't they all?) spill from my horse. Hit the ground HARD at a bucking lope up a rocky steep trail. When I recovered enough to regain my breath and get to my feet, I took off my helmet and there it was: Damage to the helmet! a crack,& several rock dents; right at the base of my skull in the brain stem area. I believe the helmet saved me from a trip to the hospital - or worse. Today, I am stiff & sore & HAPPY to say Thank you, Troxel, and thank you, Little Voice!!

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