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#WhatTheHelmet Your Next Goal

“After having my head shaved and four screws inserted into my skull, I quickly realized that I would look cooler in a helmet than I did leaving the hospital! The outpouring of support has been amazing!  I constantly hear from fans that they were afraid to wear a helmet for fear of being judged by their peers and that I inspired them to change.”-Fallon Taylor

Being an influencer and encouraging others to go against the grain is one of the most uncomfortable things we can make a decision to do.  When you look back and see the legacy you have created and positive influence in people’s lives, it will have made the struggle worth it.  Sometimes the end goal is too far away to make the journey feel worthwhile.  When you really believe in something though, you stick to it. 

It takes a lot of fortitude to resist fear and discomfort so that you can live according to your values and to support something you whole heatedly believe in.  To firmly believe in something, and walk the talk, takes strength beyond measure but it can be the positive impact you leave in this world.  Just as you make the small decision to saddle up and practice rather than go to the movies with friends, you make the decision to work towards something you believe in.

What are your goals?  Are they to improve your run time or score?  Make it to the State Finals or National Finals?  Is it to try a new event or season a young horse?  Having clear goals helps you to navigate decisions throughout the year to be able to accomplish them.  You can dream big or small but put your dream on paper so it can become a goal! 

Fallon Taylor has goals both big and small.  Every successful athlete does.  Besides her competition goals, personal goals and business goals she also has a goal of leaving a legacy in the sport of rodeo beyond winning her World Championship buckle. 

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