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“Helmets aren’t only for girls!” Guest Post by Rachel Gagliardi

Troxel Athlete, Rachel Gagliardi is a member of the Central Pennsylvania Youth Rodeo Association, competing with the Champion Barrel Racing Team and Reserve Champions in Pole Bending, Breakaway Roping, and Goat Tying. She has been riding horses since the age of eight and loves everything about rodeo competition. Here, Rachel shares her thoughts on the importance of wearing a helmet, regardless of gender.

At the time of an unplanned accident who will be there to save you? Not a parent. Not a friend. A helmet. Wearing a helmet can reduce your risk of injury and potentially save your life. While there are still no guarantees, wearing a helmet keeps you safe while riding, period.

Helmets are worn by top athletes in Motor Cross racing, Nascar and Indy 500 racing. They remain popular within the Olympic circuit of downhill skiing, luge, speed skating and many more events. With new graphics and designs, wearing a helmet is a fashion statement, as well as a safety standard.

In today’s rodeo atmosphere, the popularity of wearing helmets is still in its infancy. Based on many competitors' perceived social stigmas and notions, there are very few men and young boys who wear helmets. But, as I traveled to and competed at the Central Pennsylvania Youth Rodeo Association Finals this weekend, I met some young men who are leading the pack and inspiring others within the rodeo circuit to ride smart and be safe.

Each of these young men are tough as nails and choose to wear a helmet. They are strong competitors and their helmets only make them stronger. They are the future of rodeo and I'm personally thrilled to see them making such a smart decision at such a young age.

I recognize the importance for all equine enthusiasts and competitors to embrace safety and make the choice to wear a helmet. Make a statement regardless of your gender. Wear a helmet.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Rachel Gagliardi with youth rider, Alex Ruppert wearing Troxel Rebel helmets in Turquoise Rose and Star.

Rachel Gagliardi with youth rider, Liam Morgan wearing Troxel Rebel helmets in Turquoise Rose and Star.

Rachel Gagliardi with youth rider, Michael Crowther wearing a Troxel Rebel helmet in Turquoise Rose and a Sport helmet in white.

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