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Life Is All About Range: Guest Post by Author, Jane Pastore Coleman

Jane Pastore Coleman began writing her new book, Life is All About the Range, as a personal memoir after meeting her future husband, Bob, in a sushi restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the changes that relationship brought into her life. A lifelong city girl, she became a country girl when she moved to a horse farm in Kentucky with her new love. Here, Jane shares why she decided to wear a helmet and a personal glimpse into her new book.

As a nurse I have taken care of head injury patients, so I am very eager to share with riders how important it is to wear a helmet for prevention of a head injury.

After researching the many brands of helmets I decided on a Troxel Helmet. I liked the custom fit, comfort and the wide selection to choose from. We usually ride with large groups from our horse farm in eastern Kentucky and many of us wear helmets. There is much limestone rock in Appalachian Kentucky and when it gets wet, it can be very slick to ride across. I thought riding the trails in the back country to be more challenging then riding in a ring in a horse show and because of that thought I did not wear a helmet.

While in a horse show I had an accident in the ring on flat ground. I was physically injured and had a concussion from my fall. It took over a year to recover from this fall.

I learned my lesson and can say it is best to wear your helmet even on level ground. The outcome of my injury would probably have been different if I had my helmet on. I was in the middle of writing a book when I had the fall, so now I was mentally challenged with concentration issues to finish the book. Since then I have made a good recovery and finished Life Is All About Range. I traded in my cowgirl hat for a top of the line riding helmet from Troxel.
In this book, I teach people how to come out of their comfort zone and expand their personal range by experiencing new adventures. This book is informative on horse training techniques, as well as traveling with horses. I also provide tips on trails in Kentucky, as well as riding in Montana and Wyoming and talk about all the high action adventures we took!

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