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Thanksgiveway Sweepstakes Winners!

We want to thank everyone who participated, and would like to congratulate all the winners for entering! A special thanks to our sponsors for their generous contributions. 

10 Reasons to be Thankful 

  1. I am thankful for my old Troxel helmet, because when I hit the rock hard ground my helmet cracked instead of my head! Lifesaver, and I keep coming back for more. I'm thankful for the fact that my Troxel has saved my skull on multiple occasions - as someone who suffered a TBI about 10 years ago, which I'm still recovering from, I don't take any chances with my brain!
  2. A fall from my mare during a buck ended with me hitting the road with shoulder then head. No injury apart from headache and hat intact. I am thankful for my daughter's troxel because I know that every time she gets on her mare Sassy that her head is protected.
  3. I am a RN and have taken care of traumatic brain injury patients and I feel better knowing that her head is being protected by the best helmet that money can buy! She will always wear a Troxel! Thank you for your wonderful product!
  4. I am thankful because my daughter slipped off a 15 hand horse at seven and hit her head on a fence. Had she not been wearing her Troxel she would have been killed from the blow to the head alone. We still have the helmet to show our students what can happen and why I push to wear helmets around the horses. The hit was so hard and in such a way it ripped the chin srtap brace loose from the foam inside and left a dent on her helmet. We have since upgraded her to a lavender Spirit helmet and I have my Liberty.
  5. I am very thankful I choose a Troxel and I am thankful that if anything happens I can replace it. We never expect and accident but Troxel helps us stay safe from them.
  6. I had a horse accident November 3rd. I hit my head and my troxel helmet saved me. So I am thankful for my troxel helmet because I got to spend Thanksgiving with family. Thank you!
  7. About 7 weeks ago, I took a nasty fall off of my horse. I messed my neck and shoulder up, but it would have been worse had I not been wearing my Troxel helmet. My helmet did break, but you know what, I went and bought another Troxel helmet. For many years that helmet had saved me from fall after fall, and I loved it! Troxel makes amazing helmets, and I don't think I would be here today if it hadn't have been for my helmet. So thank you Troxel for making a life-saving helmet!
  8. I am thankful for my Troxel helmet for saving my life 6 years ago, without the helmet I wouldn't be here today. I managed to walk away with just a crack helmet instead of a cracked head.
  9. I feel safer and more confident when I ride as the mother of a special needs child I need to relax and ride but also know that I am not taking unnecessary risks.
  10. My Troxel helmet has saved my life multiple times, and I know without a doubt I would not be here right now if it wasn't for wearing it! Thankful for Troxel helmets and many more rides thanks to them!

We're proud to announce the winners. Fans were asked to tell us why they are thankful for their Troxel helmets. 2 lucky winners will receive one of Troxel’s best-selling Intrepid helmets and a $50 gift certificate from our friends at Horse.com & State Line Tack!

Troxel Thanksgiveaway Sweepstakes Winners 

Erin Hunt and Dawn Reisinger will receive one of Troxel’s best-selling Intrepid helmets and a $50 gift certificate from our friends at Horse.com & State Line Tack!

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