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10 Reminders For Times When You Don’t Feel Like Wearing Your Helmet 


Riding a horse is more than a simple ride. It’s about the open trail, the wind in your hair and the smell of freedom. But with great freedom comes great responsibility, especially for the safety of you, your kids and those around you. Before you grip the reins on your next ride, take a moment to review these:

  1. You are dealing with a powerful unpredictable animal.
  2. Safety helmets are 80% effective in preventing injury and death. A helmet can absorb the impact, rather than your head and brain.
  3. Even a fall from a standing horse can be catastrophic. Your injury risk depends on the height from which you fall, as well as the speed at which you're traveling.
  4. Head injuries are expensive. Medical expenses for a minor concussion can amount to thousands of dollars. The most catastrophic head injuries average a cost of $4 million.
  5. Riding is more dangerous than downhill skiing and motorcycling.
  6. Head injuries are the most likely type of serious injury around horses.
  7. Professional athletes in various sports understand the importance of safety equipment and embrace helmets. Riding is a sport with risk and proper equipment is essential.
  8. When you wear a helmet, you may positively influence others who are 'on the fence' or who otherwise may feel embarrassed to wear a helmet. Kids look up to adults, especially!
  9. Head injuries do not only affect the injured, but family and friends are extraordinarily affected emotionally, physically, and financially.  
  10.  Helmets are more ventilated, lightweight and fashionable as ever. There are many different styles to suit every rider.


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