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Helmets for Extra Small & Extra Large Heads


Helmets must fit properly for optimum performance. To find the most comfortable fit for your helmet, follow Troxel's fitting guide. Fitting your helmet correctly is as important as wearing one.  Fortunately, fitting your helmet can be done in three easy steps.

Smallest Troxel Helmet
Troxel’s Legacy helmets are perfect for smaller head sizes. This stylish, narrow-profile helmet can be adjusted to fit head circumferences as small as 20” using the soft-touch dial on the GPS II™ fit system.  If the helmet needs to be sized smaller, the FlipFold™ headliner inside the Legacy can be adjusted to create a more snug fit. 
Largest Troxel Helmet
Troxel’s Cheyenne Rowdy is the latest helmet to join the Western lineup. The Cheyenne Rowdy is the first Western helmet to integrate a full range of custom hat sizing to achieve a truly personal fit (6 5/8 to 7 ¾). This new style fits the widest range of head sizes to accommodate the sizing needs of male and female riders. The Cheyenne Rowdy’s hat sizing also eliminates fit system pressure points and ponytail interferences.
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  • June 06, 2011