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Troxel vs. Ground... Troxel Wins!

I took an unexpected dismount when my bra got caught on the horn of my saddle. There's a reason why I prefer Aussie and English saddles!

I knew I hit my head but didn't feel bad and Jay and I finished out the night. Later when we're packing up, I saw that I had cracked the helmet completely through and in three different places. This night could have ended very differently!

Troxel rocks and I will never buy another brand! Time to go shopping for a new helmet ;) Troxel vs ground... Troxel wins! #HelmetInjuryNotHeadInjury

NOTE: This testimonial is a great example of a rider doing the right thing! Any Troxel helmets involved in an accident should be replaced immediately. Your helmet is only designed for ONE impact. We're so glad this rider is OK. Thank you to all of our courageous and strong riders for sharing your stories.

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