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Thank You For A Great Product

I rode horses off and on since I was 8 never using a helmet, but never owning a horse. My wife always wanted one since we married (1980), but we could not afford one. About 5 years ago I surprised her by saying it was time to get one. We ended up with a second horse 9 months after the first.

We rode without helmets for about 2 1/2 years, then we met Gayle and she talked to us regarding the benefits of the helmet. We had a person at our stable, who had a bad fall and received a concussion.

Gayle told us to spend the extra money and get a good comfortable helmet. She named you guys. So we got our helmets (Troxel) always wearing them.

My wife and I were out riding on the trail. I had gotten off my horse and was getting back up when kids came running up. My leg got stuck on the back of the saddle, I could feel my horse tense up and start to spin. I was thrown to the ground landing on my right side and hitting the right side of my head on the ground.

I could barely breathe and was in great pain on my right side and back. My wife took me to the emergency room. They said my right lung was in distress and bruised ribs. They asked if I hit my head. I said yes, but was wearing a helmet and I never lost consciousness.

I had a CAT scan, MRI, ultrasound and lots of X-rays. The staff said and I believe I would have had a concussion or TBI had I not had a helmet.

It has now been three weeks and I just started back riding. Yes, I will be buying a new helmet, maybe a different color.

Thank you so very much for such a great product.

Jerry Dixon

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