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My Helmet Cracked

I am 61-years-old and have moved to western trail from the English ring. I love riding without a helmet. You know that wind-in-my-hair-cowgirl thing?

Well since I’ve gotten older, my balance isn’t as good. Headed out on the trail on 12/8 with my mare and some friends. My mare is as solid as they come. But we were with a youngster that was a little jiggy.

I looked around and saw that everyone else had on their helmets so on mine went. Thank goodness...

Five minutes into the ride and they spooked. I was fine because my Daisy just skidded slightly but then the youngster spun around and my girl went with her. My leg couldn’t hold so I flew off.

I landed very hard on my lower back which is compromised with a missing disc. And then bounced to my head. Glasses went flying, jeans pocket ripped. And helmet my helmet cracked. I have a concussion but it could have been a lot worse. My helmet is now in my trailer tack room as a reminder to myself to ALWAYS put it on, no question.

cracked western helmet after trailriding fall

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