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The Greatest Blessing

My wife and I just returned from a six week adventure with our horses. From Michigan we went to fifteen different places to camp with our horses including Kentucky, Shawnee National Forest in Illinois, the San Juan Mountains in Colorado, Moab, Bryce Canyon, St. George and Pine Valley Utah, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and Brown County State Park in Indiana. We were blessed with great horses, fantastic trails and a great adventure. The greatest blessing came in Pine Valley Utah.

I am a 270 pound rider with 3,000 miles of endurance completions under my belt and am 72 years old. I never wore a helmet when we lived in Wyoming but the trees here in Michigan convinced me to start wearing a helmet. We were riding the Forsyth Trail in the Pine Valley Wilderness when I ducked to clear an overhanging tree. Unfortunately I did not duck enough and a branch went into the open collar of my outer shirt and tore out the back of my tee shirt but not the collar. I was grabbed then thrown from my horse and landed on rocks. As you can see from by helmet, it not only had the outer shell smashed but the inner lining was totally broken in half! I was able to walk the four miles back to camp after our horses took off without us with NO DAMAGE to my head. Thank you Troxel for saving my life!

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