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My Helmet Saved My Life

When I was 13, I was in a relatively serious accident with my National Show Horse (Half Arabian, Half American Saddlebred), Feybian. We had only been a pair for around 2 years and were not as comfortable with each other as we have become now. With our individual insecurities, we were each unaware of each others nuances. So, when my 4-H Club was invited to be in a local parade, I thought, how fun! Feybian, on the other hand was not as excited.

He was 10, a hot-blooded breed, and easily spooked. This didn't scare me as much as it scared my Mother. While we were waiting in the queue for our spot in the parade, Feybian became nervous and dancy, and thankfully, my Mom attached a long line, to be safe. Being required to wear a helmet because of my age in 4-H, I had my trusty green Troxel helmet on.

Feybian's nerves got the best of him and something spooked him. He reared up, caught me off guard and I fell off, landing right behind his hind legs. Unfortunately, we were on a small hill, and he lost his footing and stepped backwards, right on my head. Thankfully, he didn't step on my face, but rather, squarely on my helmet. I am grateful that is all he stepped on, and nothing else was trampled. I don't remember the actual fall. Just waking up to my mother hysterically screaming. The ambulance that was lined up to be in the parade took me to the emergency room instead. We read that we could send in the helmet to be examined, and obliged.

I know so many people that had minor spills and never sent their helmets in, thinking it's no big deal. It wasn't that bad, there couldn't possibly be much damage. My helmet didn't look damaged. No dents or holes. Just a few scuffs. But, after the results came back, it was ruined inside. Troxel even sent me a brand new replacement helmet - no charge! I wore my helmet until I was 18, even after in most shows. I even wear it now on trail rides with Feybian, now 26, because you just never know.

My helmet saved me from serious injury that day. I only had a minor concussion. It probably saved my life, even. A helmet is so important - young or old. If you've fallen, send your helmet in! Don't keep riding with a helmet that has withstood an accident. Feybian and I are still riding together, 16 years later, because of my Troxel helmet.

NOTE: Troxel helmets involved in an accident may be replaced for a fee within two years from the helmet date of purchase. Our online Product Registration Form must have been completed and/or the original or a copy of the purchase receipt must be retained in order to show proof of purchase date is within two years. Damage to the helmet due to misuse or dropping the helmet is not covered. Please see our Accident Replacement Program for more information.


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