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Ambushed by a deer!

Had to retire the "old" (1 re 2 years old) Troxel Helmet yesterday....came off at an extended trot cum spook, at 15+ MPH, from a 15.2 hh horse, ON blacktop.

After a fun little 6 tool around the block, within shouting distance from the farm. Results: bruised butt cheek, a little scape down my spine above the bra, and a hunk of foam cracked out of my helmet the size of my hand. Best. $23. Ever. Spent.

Was riding the next day & took an endurance horse out on a little 10 mile conditioning ride today, in my NEW Troxel Sport Helmet.

Thanks, Troxel! Jessi at Resolute Farms Wausau WI www.resolutefarmsracing.com

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