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Fall in 2011

On May 3, 2011, I was at my stable riding my horse. She was being pretty hyper so I cantered her in circles for about 20 minutes. She finally calmed down, so I decided to trot a barrel pattern. When we were coming around the third barrel, she slipped on a dirt clod. I fell off and hit my head. I wasn't wearing a helmet and hit head first. I was knocked out. She then came down on top of me.

I was rushed to the hospital. I had a bruised lung and bleeding in my brain. I had to remain inactive for a year. This was very hard. I couldn't ride my horse. I was so depressed. To this day I have hardly any memory of that day. The only thing I can remember is going to the barn to brush my horse then waking up in the hospital. I am now prone to alzheimers at an early age and suffer from permanent brain damage.

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