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A kick in the Head.

I was riding my new Arabian Mare and even though she is 10 years old, she hasn't had a lot of trail experience. We were in a fairly large group (for Us) of 15 riders and horses and the terrain was rockier and steeper than what we usually do. She was nervous and getting upset. Then we came to running water, which we hardly ever encounter here in Arizona. She was definitely not going across this water, so I dismounted and led her across. We were safely on the other side, so I looked for a rock to mount from. I thought I was safely on board, but she looked back at the water for some reason and just began to really buck!

I came off and and landed on my side and as she was running away, she kicked me in the head with her back hoof! Thank goodness I have never gotten on a horse without a helmet in my 48 years of riding. I have some bruises from the fall, but my head is fine! I was only 1 of 4 people wearing helmets that day. I think we may have a few more converts now!

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