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Helmets are true life savers

So I have an 18 year old paint horse who doesn't like to pick up his left lead so I was at my local count fair practicing picking up his left lead. He had picked it up a couple of times so I wanted to do one final lap, so we took off on the left lead and did a flying lead change to his right lead when we came to the fence where I wanted to turn right but he wanted to turn left so I pulled right and he lost his footing and fell onto me.

I was still sitting in my saddle when he fell, so he pinned my left leg under him. He jumped back up after like 4 seconds laying on me. I had to kick my foot out of my stirrup when I realized that there was something severly wrong with my leg. I was crying a lot as I was in severe pain. The people who were helping me were soon by my side and then the adul that was with us called for a lady that was walking past the arena and she was a nurse... So she came right over. They then decided that they needed to roll me over as I was face first I. The gravel ofthe arena. So that rolled me over an then called for the onside paramedics. When they got there they decided that I needed to be ambulances to the local hospital because they were afraid that I had broken my leg. So they supported my head and took off my helmet which happened to be a Troxel. So I was ready when the ambulance got there and they took me to the local hospital where they figured out that my leg was not broken but I had a horrible bone bruise.

They asked if I was wearing a helmet and they said that the helmet stopped me from getting a concussion and also saved my face from hitting the dirt. I am very glad that I had that helmet on since my injuries could have been way worse if I wouldn't have had it on. That next morning I got up and showed in my showmanship class with a huge brace on without my crutches since I couldn't walk my horse with them. I did my pattern the. Was able to leave the ring to get my crutches back since I was in severe pain from walking on my leg. I even got a blue ribbon in my class!!! I am just so grateful for the awesome helmets that Troxel makes since it saved me.

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