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A Solid Knock to the Head

While no one would mistake my hot head for a mild mannered trail horse, he is usually more prone to bolting than bucking when spooked.

To this day I don't know what set him off but what was supposed to be a light hack in the arena turned into what could have been a bad accident. I asked him to pick up a canter and, instead of moving forward, he started into a series of spinning bronco bronco bucks.

I ended up falling into the center of his circle where he knocked my helmet with a front leg. Luckily, that seemed to bring him back to his senses and freeze him in his tracks. Thanks to my trusty Troxel, we both got out of it with only bruising - both of the body and ego - instead of a fun hospital trip. Before that ride, I rarely wore a helmet while doing flat work. Since, I've hardly gone without one.

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